Inner Beauty Reigns is about helping women who are in transition to rebuild from the inside out. Through empowerment coaching, Erica Anderson Thomas is dedicated to showing women how to use their time of change as a stepping stone to becoming the best version of themselves. You will receive the tools and encouragement needed to develop a courageous mindset so you can embrace your journey and walk it out, one step at a time. From working through bitterness and unforgiveness to understanding how to translate those negative emotions into productive energy, Erica knows that it is possible to be a better you, sooner than later. The key is having the willingness to “do the work.”

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Rebuilding your life after trauma can be a challenge. From learning how to recognize toxic behaviors and relationships to gleaning lessons to avoid repeating the same mistakes, it can be a long and lonely journey. Inner Beauty Reigns is about sharing insight, empowerment and personal development with women who are experiencing life transitions. Tune in here every Wednesday for a new episode!

Get inspired with this memoir that is sure to inspire you, empower you and propel you to walk in the courage needed to move forward with your life.