Why Self-care Isn’t Selfish

I recently saw a meme that said: “Self-care isn’t selfish.” As I thought about this, one conclusion that I came to is this: A part of the foundation to self-care is understanding that before you’re a mother, before you’re a wife, you are a woman. You’re more than the job you do, the children you have, the ring on your finger. Your success is not defined by your relationships. You are an entity on your own, and your titles and responsibilities are like embellishments that enhance who you are.

As a woman with a very full schedule, I completely understand how time can be so swift. In one moment, we are preparing to start the day, and it seems as if the next moment is when we are laying down to get rest to do it all over again. One thing I have learned over this past season of my life is to be intentional about making myself a priority. I can’t be any good to those around me if I don’t take care of myself. From remembering to take my daily vitamin, to washing my hair on a regular schedule, to taking an hour to reflect, these are things that I had often forgotten to be consistent within the past. I have let some things go as a result. At one point, I deleted all the games on my phone. Ruzzle was my fav, but a big distraction. I have been able to focus on some projects as a result of removing that as a distraction. I placed several of my self-care items within arm’s length of my bathtub, as well as my shampoo and conditioner. This gave me no excuses, especially since the products are in my face. I also discovered a wash day regimen that was much simpler than I expected.  With some thought and a little strategy, I set myself up to do better – for myself.

No matter how many different titles and responsibilities you have, you must fit time for YOURSELF into your own schedule. You have to make a conscious decision to do it because there are few who are going to remind you or take time to honor you in that way. Self-care isn’t selfish because it takes place in an effort to keep you healthy, happy, mentally stable, and so many other things. We often even neglect to care for ourselves because we’re so busy caring for others. There is nothing selfish about that!

No matter where you are on your quest to taking better care of yourself, be intentional about doing what you need to for yourself. Your output is only as good as your “input” — what you put into yourself! It all starts on the inside.