Erica Anderson Thomas is a mother, author, and entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Inner Beauty Reigns, she is passionate about helping women who are in transition to rebuild from the inside out. Through empowerment coaching, Erica is dedicated to showing women how to use their time of change as a stepping stone to becoming the best version of themselves. Erica’s goal is to provide the tools and encouragement needed to develop a courageous mindset so that you can embrace your journey and walk it out, one step at a time.  Erica has already helped hundreds of women embrace personal development through her books, The Courage to Walk Away and Affirmations of Courage.

A native of Marietta, Georgia, Erica decided to become a Coach after experiencing a series of devastating events. From separation and divorce to leaving Corporate America to pursue Entrepreneurship, and suffering the death of a parent, Erica bounced back from those experiences. She decided to share what she learned rather than allow it to make her bitter. In 2016, Inner Beauty Reigns was launched and used as a platform to share inspiration and encouragement about personal development.

There are three areas of focus that are foundational to “reigning” from the inside out: Character, relationships and seizing opportunities. When you improve your character and relationships, you are better equipped to take the right chances and recognize those that are detrimental or unprofitable. 

Reigning Character is about developing moral qualities that allow you to thrive while kicking low self-esteem, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy to the curb. You must unravel who you have become to embrace the best version of yourself. 

Reigning Relationships focuses on helping you to understand who you are and the contributions you make in the interactions you have with others. It is essential to recognize the consistencies so you can pinpoint negative and even destructive behaviors to improve those interactions.

Finally, Reigning Opportunities encompasses any scenario that may present itself in which advancement could take place. With this, it is imperative to understand your skills, qualifications, and value to ensure you are utilizing them correctly and in the best way possible. For example, recognizing a toxic work environment could motivate you to reassess your skills, improve your qualifications, then seek after an opportunity that is not only fulfilling but a good trade-off for your time and energy.

The goal is to reign in every area of your life with intention. It’s possible, all it takes is for you to decide to be fully committed to yourself so you can live out your purpose. 

Erica is grateful to share and impart the healing she experienced, even though it took some devastating moments. Today, Inner Beauty Reigns is more than she imagined it could be. It is now a platform to teach women how to reign in relationships, on their career paths and from the inside out, for everything we do starts on the inside.