The Courage Bundle

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Take advantage of this holiday deal which includes the memoir, workbook and devotional in The Courage to Walk Away series.

Learn the story of Author and Entrepreneur, Erica Anderson-Thomas, and how she was able to overcome abuse, depression and build the courage and mindset to move into a new level of purpose and wholeness. The memoir has been updated with bonus materials to evoke thought and inspiration for you to work through the conflicts in your life that may be holding you back.

Affirmations of Courage is a workbook filled with affirmations and worksheets to help you understand the importance of affirmations and how they can change your life. The thought-provoking questions are a surefire way to develop a courageous mindset.

Get ready to not only build your courage but increase your faith with the up and coming The Courage to Walk Away: 30 Day Devotional. With a day-by-day format, you can start at any time, or pick up right where you left off. Each devotion imparts wisdom and understanding and is accompanied by scriptures for encouragement as well as thoughts for reflection. It is life-changing and transformative, designed for you to reference as you transition from season to season. *This item will ship separately*


Get this power-packed trio through this Holiday Season for only $25!!


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